There Is a Wealth of Great Condos for Rent in Bangkok

There Are Many Great Condos for Rent in Bangkok

Bangkok is a gigantic, sprawling city with different neighbourhoods, each offering its own unique character and attractions. During the past 10-15 years, the city underwent a housing boom. Because of this boom, Bangkok now offers many great condos for rent all over the city.  

With the wealth of available condos, Bangkok has become a renter’s marketplace. The competition for sales between developers means that the new condos on the market feature excellent amenities and locations. House hunting requires little more than deciding on an area or neighbourhood you’d like to live in and then seeing what’s available. You can be almost guaranteed to have your pick of some beautiful condos in the most popular areas of the city. 


Condo living room


Luxurious Amenities

All these condos being built at relatively the same time means there’s a variety of luxurious amenities. During the housing boom, developers were competing for sales and trying to outdo each other by offering a variety of luxury amenities. Today’s renters still reap the benefits of these amenities. 

It’s almost a rule now that new condos in Bangkok have to offer a swimming pool and a fitness centre providing both aerobics and weight training equipment. But many condos go far beyond the pool and fitness centre combination to offer spacious lawns and playgrounds for tenant’s children, convenience stores, dry cleaning and laundry businesses, and hair salons right on the grounds of their condos. 

You’ll also notice tuk-tuks and vans branded with the names of luxury condos ferrying their tenants to and from the popular neighbourhood malls and rail transit stations. Condo life today is a life of convenience in Bangkok.  


Location, Location, Location

Most people searching for condos for rent in Bangkok have come to the city for work, so finding a location near quick and convenient public transportation is at the top of their list. Many of the city’s condos are located along the lines of the BTS Skytrain and the MRT, the city’s two main rapid rail transit systems. 

These two systems offer several interchanges between them and access the most active and busy business districts in Bangkok, as well as the most popular shopping and entertainment areas. Renting a condo along their lines guarantees a short commute to work and avoids all the notoriously congested street traffic.


CBRE Can Show You the Best Condos for Rent in Bangkok

CBRE has their fingers on the pulse of Bangkok’s housing market. They know where all the condos with the best layouts and amenities are located. They also can provide in-depth information about the condos – how old they are, how well they’re built, and the options for buying. 

Let CBRE be your guide in Bangkok when you start looking for a new condo to call home. Bangkok is a vast city with many neighbourhoods. Cut down the time and effort you spend looking for the ideal place. Trust the professional property agents at CBRE to help you find your perfect new home.